What is the Digital Marketing Quadrant?

At IMA, we offer a single solution, the Digital Marketing Quadrant, instead of multiple services. Why? Because we believe that PPC and SEO (or social or CRO) are no longer powerful enough to make your business thrive. This belief is born from 14 years of experience, millions in managed ad spend and over one hundred clients.

We created the Digital Marketing Quadrant to simplify digital marketing in a tumultuous environment. It gives our clients strategy instead of tactics. It increases their lead generation while also improving customer lifetime value. And it builds their brand in a time when traditional branding activities are no longer effective.

Our Digital Marketing Quadrant provides an easy to understand path to growth and profitability. If you are interested in growing your business we’d love to show you how it works. It all starts with a fifteen minute phone. Let’s chat.

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Why You Should Work with IMA

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to set a new example of how digital agencies behave, to put the client first, to be open and transparent, to be the best at what we do through constant learning and creative, strategic thinking, to impress our clients by providing a holistic solution that creates sustainable results, yes, but also to delight them by being human and communicating beyond all expectations.

Why You Can Trust IMA

  • Three Reasons (among many others)

    1. Our first client is still a client, 14 years later, and we have helped them go from $4 million to over $20 million in annual revenue
     2. We have managed over $10 million of media spend for over 100 clients
     3. We have been managing AdWords accounts since 2006, YouTube since 2005, and Facebook since 2010

Our Partners

  • Direct Energy

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • PG&E

  • Target

  • COIT

  • Fluid Film

  • Flock

  • Hydrogen-1

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