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Is it challenging to generate the amount of leads you need to grow and hit your revenue goals?
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Get access to our proven Digital Marketing Quadrant strategy and watch your marketing finally starting working the way you need it to work.

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Do you want to be the big fish in your local pond? Then you're our type of client.
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Google Ads and SEO Are Not Enough

Are you doing all you can with digital? Is it getting a little overwhelming?Are you grasping at tactics instead of working from a sound and proven strategy? If this sounds familiar, we 're sorry. But please know that it does not have to be this way.

We created the Digital Marketing Quadrant (also known as the DMQ), to remove the pain local businesses experience with their marketing. Why? Because we believe that PPC and SEO alone are no longer powerful enough to make your business thrive. This belief is born from 20 years of experience, tens of millions in managed ad spend and hundreds of clients.

3 Easy Steps to Your Marketing Success

1. IdeaMap

This is where everything starts. In four weeks you'll have a strategy that actually works. And, it's backed by a 100%, money-back guarantee.

2. Digital Marketing Quadrant

Your DMQ will generate instant leads, nurture prospects, improve customer lifetime value and build your brand in your local market.

3. Scale & Grow

Every month, your Lead Strategist will show you new opportunities to scale your campaigns (while always prioritizing ROI) so your revenue can continue to grow.


Don't take our word for it, take theirs!

We have worked hard for 15 years to achieve our clients goals and make them look good. When it goes as planned, we end up with partners, not just clients.

"Not all digital agencies are the same even if they provide the same services. IMA has made a difference for Ongaro & Sons by implementing a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that increases local brand awareness, lead generation and revenue. Their account team has communicated with our marketing team in detail and educated us every step of the way over the past two years while we’ve scaled our investment in digital marketing."

Cheri Goley
Marketing Manager

"My organic traffic has increased by 607%. In addition, my calls from SEO are up 62%. Even my conversion rate on organic calls is up. I’m definitely happy I made the switch to IMA."

Dan Gagne
CEO at Benjamin Franklin Plumbing

"We have been working with IMA since 2005. A lot has changed since then but IMA has been able to stay ahead of the digital advertising curve. Our local customers have steadily moved online and IMA has helped us quickly adapt to those changes in consumer behavior by using PPC, SEO, Social Media and Video to help us stay ahead our competition. They are joy to work with and committed to excellent customer service."

Tom Papageorge
CEO & President at Atherton Appliance & Kitchens
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The results speak for themselves

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Ongaro & Sons Plumbing,Heating, Cooling and Electrical

How we helped Ongaro & Sons scale their revenue with the Digital Marketing Quadrant

How did IMA generate a 695% increase in total leads generated for our client?

New Website Leads per Month
1,582% increase
Total Website Traffic

How we helped Coit Cleaning & Restoration build a comprehensive digital strategy from the ground up

How IMA helped Coit Cleaning and Restoration build a comprehensive digital strategy from the ground up that brought the cleaning company and it’s franchises into the modern age of marketing and advertising.

Increase in Organic Traffic
Decrease in Cost Per Lead
what is the digital marketing quadrant?

Read Our Manifesto

The Digital Marketing Quadrant is the core of our agency. It is the result of fifteen years of digital marketing experience, tens of millions of client ad spend and thousands of hours of strategic thinking, planning and collaborating. All of those elements have led to its development and, perhaps counterintuitively, it’s simplicity.

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Part of our mission as an agency is to educate others. We believe that those who have a solid understanding of digital marketing will be empowered to grow their companies while avoiding the pitfalls and mistakes that are so common.

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How to Change Your Business without Spending More Money

Adding a content strategy to your Top of Funnel efforts is incredibly effective in driving traffic, and engagement, increasing trust and changing your business without spending more money

May 16, 2023

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Are you curious about how social platforms actually work and what the future of them holds? Check out this blog post to gain insight into the inner workings of social platforms and get tips on how to tell what the future may bring.

April 19, 2023

You Might End Up Babysitting a Robot

This is going to be an exciting time for your business to market itself. Better tools mean better results.

January 11, 2023

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