How we helped Coit Cleaning & Restoration build a comprehensive digital strategy from the ground up

How IMA helped Coit Cleaning and Restoration build a comprehensive digital strategy from the ground up that brought the cleaning company and it’s franchises into the modern age of marketing and advertising.


Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization, Social Media


Google, Bing and Facebook

Result 1

Increase in Organic Traffic

Result 2

Decrease in Cost Per Lead

Project Overview

COIT is one of the largest cleaning and restoration companies in the world with franchises in the United States, Canada and Thailand. Coit knew they needed to make a big move online since the vast majority of their ad budget went to TV and Print. They asked IMA to create and implement a comprehensive digital strategy with a clear focus on ROI.

  • The site structure/architecture was not search engine friendly, there were massive duplicate content issues and a weak backlink profile
  • Their Paid Search campaigns were performing poorly across the entire system
  • The company lacked a high level plan to integrate a comprehensive digital campaign into their current, traditional marketing and advertising plans.


IMA started from scratch, built a Digital Marketing Quadrant for the entire system and executed the plan until the goals are reached

  • Launched optimized PPC and SEO campaigns to generate instant, profitable leads at scale
  • Exploded content creation and focused on SEO performance for each local franchise
  • Rolled out a national social media strategy to build the brand and gain market share in all markets
  • Adjusted to the swift erosion in print and TV ads by refocusing media buys on profitable Paid Social campaigns


COIT total website traffic grew by 1047% after the mobile optimized website launched in 2012 (seen in this graph) for a monthly total of 464,178 users per month in May of 2018

Organic traffic from the SEO campaign grew by 1,964% for a monthly total of 351,400 users per month in May of 2018

Optimized Paid Search campaigns delivered high quality, low cost leads which earned an average 6:1 Return on Investment from Paid Search campaigns for 8 consecutive years

Coit now has a diversified digital channel mix to adapt to customer’s changing behavior and capture new demographic targets while setting the organization up for long term success

Client Testimonial

“Coit was looking for a digital agency to create a national strategy for both our corporate locations and our franchise network. We chose to work with IMA and it has been a great relationship. IMA is honest and collaborative and the results speak for themselves. SEO results have increased 300%, our Pay Per Click cost per lead has decreased by more than 50%, we have a national Social Media campaign for our franchises and a new website optimized for conversions and mobile traffic.”

Sally Wassink

VP of Marketing at Coit Cleaning & Restoration

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