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How we helped Ongaro & Sons scale their revenue with the Digital Marketing Quadrant

How did IMA generate a 695% increase in total leads generated for our client?


We implemented our proven Digital Marketing Quadrant, AKA the DMQ, to generate full funnel traffic to their website.


Google Ads, Facebook Ads, MailChimp, Ongaro website.

Result 1

New Website Leads per Month

Result 2

1,582% increase
Total Website Traffic

Project Overview

IMA was hired in 2020 just as the pandemic kicked in the gear. In fact, I believe our agreement was actually signed March 14th. So it was two days before they had locked down here in California. IMA was hired to take over from Ongaro’s, previous agency, which they had been working with for I believe, about a year. And that agency, unfortunately, owned Ongaro’s website. Meaning that they did not own their website. They also didn’t own their Google Ads account and the other agency refused to hand these along to the client. (side note, please read our blog post about why it’s so important that you own your own assets).


When IMA took over we set up and built their new Google Ads account, which they own, of course, and set up all their other digital platforms correctly and in their ownership. So Facebook Business Manager, Google Search Console, etc. Their new website and Google Ads campaign launched in June 2020. And then SEO, Facebook Ads and email activities kicked off a couple months later in August.

Once all of the platforms were in place, we implemented our proven Digital Marketing Quadrant for Ongaro & Sons. To see an in-depth review of these results, read our Case Study - Ongaro & Sons blog post.


IMA generated a 695% increase in total leads for Ongaro & Sons

Website Leads jumped to 1,304 total leads per month, including 1,080 phone calls and 224 web form appointments

Google Ads lead volume increased by 204% to over 500 leads per month

Organic traffic increased by 1,047% to 5,427 per month

Blog pageviews skyrocketed 26,262% using our Constellation Strategy (the DMQ's content strategy)

Client Testimonial

"Not all digital agencies are the same even if they provide the same services. IMA has made a difference for Ongaro & Sons by implementing a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that increases local brand awareness, lead generation and revenue. Their account team has communicated with our marketing team in detail and educated us every step of the way over the past two years while we’ve scaled our investment in digital marketing."

Cheri Goley

Marketing Manager

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