agency ethics

It's About You, Not Us

We strive to do excellent work for our clients while being transparent, fair and ethical. What does that look like exactly? The following lists of our Do's and Don'ts makes it cleary.

These are the things we do:

* We help you get more leads.
* We help you see how much revenue you made from those leads.
* We help you create a one on one, direct relationship with potential customers.
* We help you sell directly to those potential customers without the need to pay a middle man.
* We help you build trust and authority in your brand and increase market share.
* We help you improve your Google Ads, Facebook, SEO and Email campaigns.
* We help you increase revenue with a consistent pipeline of new business. We help you understand exactly what is happening in your accounts with detailed calls, in-depth reporting that makes sense and 24/7 access to performance data.

These are the things we don't do:

* We don’t own any of your accounts. Your accounts. Your data. Always.
* We don’t pass any media fees through our agency so nothing is marked up.
* We don’t lock you into long term contracts.
* We don’t make this hard.
* We don’t work with everyone. Let’s chat and see if we can help you.

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