our goal

To be the best marketers, the most honest account people, the most fun to work with in the world

IMA began in 2004. We have seen every trend and made every mistake there is to make. We've learned from our experiences and have crafted an agency that helps our clients increase revenue and profit, period.

Client Ad Accounts, like Google Ads, that we hold hostage
Crappy, 500 word blog posts written for our clients
Account Managers hired just out of college
Vanity metrics reported that are pure fluff
Our Mission

We're here to disrupt our industry, in a good way

Our mission is to set a new example of how digital agencies behave, to put the client first, to be open and transparent, to be the best at what we do through constant learning and creative, strategic thinking, to impress our clients by providing a holistic solution that creates sustainable results, yes, but also to delight them by being human and communicating beyond all expectations.

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Our Team

Meet our Founders

We've known each other a long time

Jeff Conlon


Rob Levley

Director of Strategy
Our "Offices"

IMA is Fully Distributed

In 2017, IMA closed our 3,000 office in the Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. We loved our six years in that office but the time had come. We went remote. Fully distributed. Lived on Slack and Zoom (this came in very handy in 2020). Our team is now spread around the globe and we would never go back to the old ways. The world is full of talent. We love discovering it. Here are just some of the cities where IMA folks live and work.

San Francisco, CA
London, UK
Phoenix, AZ
Tel Aviv, Israel
Manilla, Phillipines
Seattle, WA
In our words

We have very specific ideas about how to run an agency

Here are some current examples of our thoughts making into blog post.

Remote Work

Remote work, or distributed teams, are nothing new. They have been around for decades. In 1979, IBM ran a small experiment at their Santa Teresa Laboratory, in Silicon Valley that launched laid the groundwork for remote working as we know it today.

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Agency Ethics

There are things that we Will and Will Not do in the service of our clients business. We are partners, not dictators. After all, it's about you, not us. Read the full list.

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Why Our Clients Own Their Accounts

We need to talk about why you must own your account, formerly known as AdWords, or you’re screwed. It’s pretty simple.

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