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The Biggest Change Coming to Digital Marketing in the Next Two Years

Here are the main takeaways from my conversation with Kent Lewis on the “More 2 Know” podcast.

Trust But Verify

As a Gen Xer, I remember Ronald Reagan and his philosophy with the Soviet union was always "trust, but verify" and I feel the same way about Google.

The thing with Performance Max and the constant improvements and suggestions that we're getting from our Google reps is that we've always been very skeptical of any recommendations made because when we tested them, Google made more money and our clients made less.

What's happening now is that we are starting to see some of the machine learning and AI is starting to make sense for our client's revenue AND  Google. But we're still in a very skeptical place. Google has to prove it but we are seeing better results than we have in the past.

Is there a future for media buyers?

With the increase in automation and machine learning/AI, media buyers are going to get more strategic. Without a doubt, there's gonna be an automated platform, especially with Google Ads ()we'll see about Facebook) but that is coming down the pike.

At IMA, it's messaging first. It's Impossible Offer first. It's conversion focused copy first. And then you can focused on the media buying side of things. But what I see so often are media buyers who have no idea about copywriting, or how to design an ad or create a compelling offer.

It doesn't matter how good you are. You're not gonna have the results you need without those three elements.

Watch the full podcast here.

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