Case Study - Ongaro & Sons

Today we're gonna look at a case study for our client Ongaro & Sons. They're a plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical company based here in Northern California.

How did IMA generate a 695% increase in total leads generated for our client?

Let’s find out.

Today we're gonna look at a really cool case study for one of our clients in Ongaro & Sons. They're a plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical company based here in Northern California. 

They really wanted to take their digital game to the next level. They were working with an existing agency, which we’ll cover, but they were not growing at the rate that they wanted. IMA was able to solve this problem.

We’re going to cover four main topics:

- Set the scene

- Show the results

- How we did it

- Client testimonial so you understand how they're feeling about those results.

Set the Scene

IMA was hired in 2020 just as the pandemic kicked in the gear. In fact, I believe our agreement was actually signed March 14th. So it was two days before they had locked down here in California. IMA was hired to take over from Ongaro’s, previous agency, which they had been working with for I believe, about a year.

And that agency, unfortunately, owned Ongaro’s website. Meaning that they did not own their website. They also didn’t own their Google adss account and the other agency refused to hand these along to the client. (side note, please read our blog post about why it’s so important that you own your own assets).

The previous results they were getting were not great. After about six months, they were maxing out at about 164 leads a month. They were getting some decent metrics, but the client wanted to grow and this agency was just not providing that level of scalability. They were not offering a lot of recommendations on how to grow the account and revenue.

When IMA took over we set up and built their new Google Ads account, which they own, of course, and set up all their other digital platforms correctly and in their ownership. So Facebook Business Manager, Google Search Console, etc. Their new website and Google Ads campaign launched in June 2020. And then SEO, Facebook Ads and email activities kicked off a couple months later in August.

Show the Results

So now, two years later, let's take a look at the results. 

Website leads from phone calls and appointment forms have increased steadily month over month. Our most recent month, August, 2022, generated 1,304 total leads, which is pretty fantastic. 1,080 of those leads were phone calls. 224 were web form appointments. 

We're still growing this account and we're on plan to hit 1,500 leads a month very soon. 

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign started in summer 2020. Organic traffic had just 473 users in June 2020. 

Organic traffic had 5,427 users in August, 2022. 

That’s over a 1,000% increase in our organic traffic in that first two years.

Our blog content started in fall 2020. That traffic generated 29 page views when we started in September 2020.

Blog traffic generated 7,645 pageviews two years later in September, 2022. A 26,000% increase in blog specific page views.

Blog traffic does so much. It delivers actual customers to the site when they're researching things Ongaro’s services, but it also improves the metrics for the site which helps it rank better for all keywords. 

Now looking at the total traffic to the website. The monthly audience was 712 users in June, 2020. 700 users a month is not a lot if you're trying to generate the leads that this client was wanting to generate to scale.

The total monthly audience in August, 2022 was 11,976 users. That’s a 1,582% increase in total monthly audience on the website. 

How We Did It

At IMA, we use something called the Digital Marketing Quadrant AKA the DMQ. The DMQ generates a full funnel traffic to your website.

This is a proverb, step by step process for us, and here's how we do it. 

We research your customers and create an ideal customer avatar. This is really basic stuff, but most companies actually don't do this, especially in this type of space, in a home service or home improvement company operating in a local markets.

The second thing we do is learn what the pain points are for those ideal customers in relation to your product or service. Again, doesn't take much research. The internet is a trove of data, so we're able to dig, in, use our process to identify those pain points and how it relates to the servicer product that you offer. 

Next we create your Impossible Offer. We call it impossible because we want it to be impossible to turn down.

Now we’re ready to get cooking. We launch your Constellation Strategy for organic traffic growth.

Then we use Google Ads and Facebook Ads to broadcast your Impossible Offer to your potential ideal customers at all stages of the marketing funnel. That is key. All different stages, top, middle, and bottom. And then we convert those ideal customers into actual customers.

Then we want to continue to nurture trust and authority with your customers through our automated email marketing process. That's going to improve total customer lifetime value for your business. 

The final key thing that cannot be stressed enough, is what we did here for on out.

We optimize your campaigns and increase media spend to scale your funnel to match your revenue goals. That makes for happy clients and happy clients is what we're all about at IMA. Happy long term clients.

Client Testimonial

"Not all digital agencies are the same even if they provide the same services. IMA has made a difference for Ongaro & Sons by implementing a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that increases local brand awareness, lead generation and revenue. Their account team has communicated with our marketing team in detail and educated us every step of the way over the past two years while we’ve scaled our investment in digital marketing."

Cheri Goley

Marketing Manager

If you're interested in learning more about how your company can grow using the Digital Marketing Quadrant set up a consultation call with me and we’ll see if we might be a good fit to help you grow.

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