At Ideas Money Art, we use powerful software and research methods to find out exactly how your channels are performing and who your customers are. For us, research isn't a footnote to digital marketing; it's the foundation.

We are a full service digital agency in the sunny Dogpatch neighborhood of San Francisco. Founded in 2004, we've tackled everything from video production to social media campaigns to web development. Tell us where you want to go. We'll build you a road.

Strategic Team

  • Jeff Conlon


  • Rob Horsley

    Director of Digital Strategy

  • Stuart Steene-Connolly

    Director of Production

  • Tori Bonzell

    Project Manager

  • Taysir El-Abed

    Director of Search Marketing

Our Pillars

  • Research & Analytics

    No shooting in the dark. We analyze what you already have, research your online landscape, and customize to your industry and your challenges.

    • web analytics

    • programmatic

    • conversation rate optimization

    • polls & surveys

    • market research

  • Demand Generation

    Grow your business. We boost your search engine rankings, advertise on the channels that matter, and track absolutely everything.

    • social media advertising

    • pay per click advertising

    • programmatic advertising

    • search engine optimization

  • Digital Branding

    Establish your brand, your voice, and your story across all channels. We create content that communicates clearly and builds credibility.

    • content marketing

    • social media

    • photo, video, writing

    • web development

Our Partners

  • Direct Energy

  • Mercedes-Benz

  • PG&E

  • Target

  • COIT

  • Fluid Film

  • Flock

  • Hydrogen-1

How We Work

  • Phase 1: Hone in On Best Tactics

    A fast & intense period of research and analytics in order to find out what’s working for you, what isn’t, who your customers are, and what they’re doing. We maintain any campaigns you already have, and knock out quick projects to get you easy wins.

  • Phase 2: Launch Fresh Campaigns

    Your branding and demand generation campaigns go live in this phase. These campaigns are tailored to meet your specific goals, all based on the rich data we found through rigorous research.

  • Phase 3: Get Results and Adapt

    Your customers don’t sit still, and neither do we. At regular intervals, we evaluate, update, and recharge campaigns based on the extensive tracking we do.

Tell us what you want to achieve