The Baseline Digital Marketing Checklist To Up Your Game

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Digital Marketing The Baseline Digital Marketing Checklist To Up Your Game

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Planes don’t take off without checklist or they’ll crash. The same goes for your marketing. Don’t crash.

Why You Need This Checklist

You have been at this digital marketing thing for some time now. For some of you, that means decades. For others, months. But at some point you started and kept going and gathered steam and tried this and tried that and switched to WordPress and testing Facebook Ads, etc, etc.

You’ve got baggage now. This checklist will help you refocus and lose that baggage.

It will help you see the forest from the trees again. It will rejuvenate and restart your marketing efforts and help you thrive again.

So, get to it. Adjust what you are doing to maximize your efforts for 2020 and beyond (at least until 2021 🙂 actually, a lot of these techniques are timeless). Clear the clutter and get clear results again. Refocus on what actually moves the needle.

It’s time to thrive again.

For best results, these should be done in this order but to each his own.

  • Reassess (or assess, if you’ve never done this) your Ideal Customer Avatar. This is the person your messaging will be speaking to. Define their main Pain Point as it relates to what you offer/sell.
  • Create an Offer that solves your Ideal Customers pain. This offer isn’t a discount, this is a clear solution that solves their issue.
  • Update the homepage of your website with:
    • A message that speaks directly to your Ideal Customer that addresses their pain.
    • A clear Call to Action that you want them to take that will help alleviate their pain (this isn’t necessarily a place to sell unless your e-commerce).
  • Create content that you can fashion into a Lead Magnet that teach/help customer solve their pain
  • Create an automated email sequence that will be sent to those people that request your Lead Magnet.
    • Send at least five emails in this sequence
    • The first thanks them and delivers their Lead Magnet
    • The next three provide additional information for how your customer can solve their pain
    • The fifth email is a Call to Action that says you can solve their pain for them instantly is they don’t want to do it themselves.
  • Start generating traffic to your Lead Magnet and website from Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Your messaging in these ads should be focused on the same pain/solution framework
  • Build Custom Audiences on Facebook in order to guide people through the buyer’s journey
  • Create Call to Action ads and only show them to these Custom Audiences on Facebook to generate sales
  • Using the same pain/solution framework, create content on your blog and promote it organically on social media
  • Improve upon and expand your automation and personalization game now that the machine has been built
  • Optimize everything every month to improve ad performance and conversion rates

The end.

If you’d like help, book a time with us.

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