How to Grant Admin Level Access to Google Analytics & Adwords

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Analytics, PPC How to Grant Admin Level Access to Google Analytics & Adwords

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Grant Admin Access to Google Analytics

  1. Sign In to your Google Analytics account
  2. Hover over to the top Navigation and Select ADMIN Admin Section of Google Analytics
  3. Under ACCOUNT, select USER MANAGEMENTUser Management Access - Google Analytics
  4. Under ADD PERMISSIONS, enter the email address you want to grant access to
  5. Select all checkboxes(manage users, edit, collaborate, and read & analyze) for granting admin access Granting Admin Access on Google Analytics
  6. Click on ADD and you’re done!

Grant Admin Access to Google Adwords

  1. Sign in yo Adwords account
  2. Click the gear icon on the top right of your screen and select ACCOUNT SETTINGS Account Settings - Google Adwords
  3. Select ACCOUNT ACCESS from the left navigation Account Access - Google Adwords
  5. Enter the email address of the person you want to share account with.
  6. Enter Nickname for your new user.
  7. From the CHOOSE AN ACCESS LEVEL drop down menu, select the ADMINISTRATION ACCESSAdministration Level Access - Google Adwords
  9. Find the account of the person you invited in the PENDING INVITATION section, then click GRANT ACCESS.

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