How to Give an Agency Access to Your Facebook Ad Account

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Digital Marketing, Tech Tools How to Give an Agency Access to Your Facebook Ad Account

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Preliminary Question: Do you use Facebook Business Manager?

Before we even start, it’s worth thinking about whether you want to set up Facebook Business Manager. This will help if you have multiple people or agencies working on your page, or if you manage multiple pages. If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by too much clicking through Facebook for business purposes, Business Manager might be for you.

If you decide to use Business Manager or use it already, let your account manager know. We’ll send you our Business ID number, and you can use it to “Assign a Partner” to your ad account.

If you DON’T want to use Business Manger, or if you’re not sure, follow these steps!

Step 1: Go to your business page.


Step 2: Click “Promote” in the top right corner. (If you don’t see this blue Promote button, you can also click on the downward arrow in the far top right corner of Facebook, and click “Create Ads.” Then skip to Step 4.)


Step 3: Click “Go to Ads Manager” at the bottom of the list.



Step 4: If you see the following screen, click “close without saving” at the bottom left. If you DON’T see this screen, skip to the next step.
step 4 close without saving

A screenshot of the Facebook ads interface that prompts you to choose the objective for your campaign. The first item on the list is “boost your posts.” You can navigate away from this page by clicking the link at the bottom called “Close without saving.”

Step 5: You should now be in the Ads Manager. Click “Account Settings” in the top menu. You might have to re-enter your Facebook password to proceed.

step 5 click account settings

step 5a enter password

Step 6: Copy your account number and send it to your agency. They can then request access to your ad account. There will be a notification that pops up

step 6 copy your account id number

Step 7: Make sure to add a payment method! Click “Billing” in the top menu, and then click the green “Add Payment Method” button. Then you can add your information! Choose the credit card.

step 7 add payment method

Important Note: Facebook seems to have a higher-than-average rate of credit cards being declined. They say that this is because the credit card company or bank declines the authorization. If your credit card is declined several times, call your bank and ask them to authorize the card.

Also, be sure to double check that the address is exactly what is listed with your bank. If it’s listed as “Street” instead of “St,” be sure to write it out. If you have talked to your bank and double-checked the address, and your card is still getting declined, please let us know!

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